About Us

Health Kiosk offers a range of interactive mulit-functional health kiosks and BMI measurement scales that have the option to be coin operated or set to free weigh and have the added option of advertising media screens.


The team at health kiosk first introduced BMI height/weight measurement scales in 1995, these coin operated scales were located outside pharmacies and health related stores through out New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK.


Our latest range of Health Kiosks and BMI machines provide the tools that enable individuals to take an active role in enhancing their health and managing their medical conditions while helping to curtail the costs of healthcare.


Our company has  a nationwide servicing team who is dedicated to offering the best customer service and machine maintenance.  We have specialised in providing health awareness equipment to New Zealand and other parts of the world for over 15 years and are proud to present to you this latest range of innovative health kiosks. 



Our company is based in New Zealand but we service and sell to a number of countries.

If you are interested in health kiosks for your retail organisation, workplace wellness programme or community based group then we are able to help you. We have contract service agents available to install and service our health kiosks.


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