Medico BMI Scale

Height . Weight . BMI 

This slim scale is controlled by microcomputer technology. It automatically measures a user’s height & weight and returns the individuals BMI result automatically.  The users results can be programmed to be displayed on the LED display announced using the voice module or printed.

The advanced ultrasonic height sensor and delicate stress gage load cell sensor ensure fast examination and precise measurement results. 

With its light frame weight, easy operation and high efficiency, the Medico kiosk has proven very popular with customers. Like all of our health kiosks the Medico has the option of being coin operated and comes complete with a computer link to upload advertising data to the printout header or to populate user’s measurement results data into a database automatically. 

If the optional thermal printer is installed then the user is given a printout with their weight, height, and BMI as well as the date and time of measurement so they can compare with future measurements.

The Medico is an ideal solution for locations where a space is limited

More details


Ultrasonic height measurement

Precise weight measurement

Automatic BMI Calculation


Features of Medico Kiosk

Display with time, date, temperature and humidity

Automatic printout with all the measurements

Optional Voice Prompt instructions

Ability to link to a computer to record measurements

Ability to add a coin acceptor and charge per use

Sleek shape suitable for small spaces

Easy to clean paint surface

Attractive design which looks great outside a store

Self checking and self calibration function



Coin or Cash Acceptor

Range of colours or can be coloured to branding


Measurement Range

Weight:5-250 KG

Height: 70-200cm



Weight:< +0.1KG

Height: < +0.1cm


Technical Parameters

Print Mode:Thermal printer with cutter

Voice Prompt:Yes

Date Output:RS232

Power:110 - 220v 50Hz

Power Consumption: < 40 w

Net Weight:32kg

Shape Size:38d x 62w x2.3m h

Display: LED digital display